UK Pub Stopovers

UK Pub Stopovers

Great overnight stopover locations for you and your motorhome.   We list over 270 motorhome friendly pubs and other interesting locations across more than 50 counties in the UK.   The perfect solution to overnight parking!

Pub Stopover Listings

Pub Stopover Listings

Each county has a list of motorhome friendly pubs.   Pub name & address, telephone numbers, GPS co-ordinates, email and website link (if available)

Mapping for each county

Mapping for each county

Each county has a Google Map with pointers to each pub listed.   Click on the pointer to go to the pub's details.

Mapping for each individual pub

Mapping for each individual pub

Each pub listed has its own page with Google Map location.

Street View for each pub (where available)

Street View for each pub (where available)

If Google Street View is available it is possible to view the pub in advance from the comfort of your computer!

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Welcome to UK Pub Stopovers

What are Pub Stopovers?

Pub stopovers are a great alternative to campsites for overnight motorhome parking. They are not 'campsites' though so should not be confused. They are merely pre-ageed locations to park and sleep overnight whilst on your travels.

In Europe there are thousands of 'Aires' which are specifically designed for the motorhome traveller. These are official parking areas for motorhomes to stay for a limited period so, again, they are not to be confused with campsites where extended stays are possible and are of course paid for. The UK does not have any proper system of 'Aires', preferring to make overnight motorhome parking as difficult as possible it seems. So an alternative is to use agreeable pubs' and other interesting business's carparks.


Our listings contain over 270 motorhome friendly pubs and other interesting locations where this type of parking is possible.

There are guidelines that members are expected to follow when using these facilities and these can be read here.

Each location is free to make a charge (or not) and it is for the user to establish what the chosen premises's requirements are, hence the guideline to contact them prior to arrival.

How to get the information

The listings of agreeable motorhome friendly pubs and stopover locations are free to subscribers of the Club Motorhome website - Joining Club Motorhome is necessary to access the information.


Do we supply a book?

Not exactly but..... the information is all on the website. Each page is printable and/or saveable as a PDF file to your computer for use offline. We don't plan to produce books as this will lead to an increase in costs to provide the information. Also in our experience books can get lent/copied/distributed and, it is our intention to attract motorhomers to join Club Motorhome to get the information for themselves.

A book dates very quickly whereas our information online is as up-to-date as you could hope for with new locations added frequently and member feedback promptly published on the locations themselves.

However! We have now produced a .pdf document of all the county listings - this can be downloaded and carried with you to use offline! UK Pub Stopover Offline Document This link opens on the Club Motorhome website - You need to subscribe to get the document.

What is Club Motorhome?

Club Motorhome is designed for motorhome enthusiasts to gather essential information to add to their enjoyment of motorhoming in the UK and Europe.

The benefits are extensive but if you would like to know what you do get for your subscription details are here.

It's great value to members with useful tips on running and using their motorhomes - from the smallest camper to the largest RV.


How much does this cost?

The listings are free to subscribing Club Motorhome members. Joining as a subscriber costs just £5 for 4 months, better value is £10 for a year and we currently have a very popular option which is a Lifetime Subscription for £45 - this doesn't expire! So you can see it really is great value!

Subscribers also get access to all the other features and content of Club Motorhome including free classified advertising, Aires and stopovers in France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Portugal, Campsites in Morocco. Various articles about aspects of motorhoming, Motorhome friendly recipes etc Full details of what you get for that subscription can be found here.

Why pay to get a list of pubs and other stopover locations?

The pub stopover information is just part of the membership benefits of being a subscriber to Club Motorhome.

Anybody can call into a potentially suitable pub and ask permission themselves, but what we supply is information IN ADVANCE of known pubs (and other places) that can accommodate motorhomes overnight. This means that with phone numbers, address and postcode, email address (where available) and GPS co-ordinates our members know exactly where they will be staying at the end of a day's driving and not leaving it to chance with all the stress that brings to a journey.

In addition every location listed has its own webpage on Club Motorhome which displays a Google Map of its location with Street View (where available) so its possible to preview the location in advance too.

A subscription to Club Motorhome seems a small price to pay!

If you would like any further information contact us otherwise please proceed to the Club Motorhome Registration Page.